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Handstone/Newton is full line, solid wood furniture manufacturers based in Southern Ontario. Their products are sold through Berkshire Furniture. They are family owned and operated with companies in two locations. Both Powell Furniture Inc. and Newton Furniture Inc. manufacture HANDSTONE products. Their products are all meticulously handcrafted, built to order, and not mass produced..... How is the Handstone Process?

Building a Greener Today and Tormorrow Too. At Handstone we're committed to building beautiful furniture you'll enjoy for many years. We're also committed to the environment. It starets with the furniture we make. One of the most effective ways we help preserve the environment is by building a durable product. By constructing our furniture from solid wood, with dovetail drawers and a premium varnish finish, we're building our furniture to last. The longer it lasts, the longer it will be before it ends, up in the landfill. And when we're done building our furniture, the sawdust we produce is recycled as livestock bedding and the scrap wood is used to heat homes.

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